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Game Jam Theme: "10 Seconds"

I was forced to start from scratch halfway through the competition due to technical limitations, thus the lack of integration with the theme. I attempted to make a finished game with the assets I had and what little time I had left.

"When Doctor F. R. Eak was finished building his latest diabolical invention, a laser turret system, the mayor showed up and demanded that the (slightly evil) doctor hand over the controls for safekeeping. The doctor refused at first, but when the mayor said he'd give the doctor just 10 seconds to comply, he did as he was told. The mayor always counted to ten and took Doctor Eak's inventions; it had always been that way. But this time was different. Doctor Eak finally snapped, and decided to take matters into his own hands. He wanted to expand his tower of evil, but needed materials and mindless slaves. On top of all this, he wanted hamburgers. Using the alien spacecraft he had discovered a few weeks prior, the doctor set out to conquer the world."

UPDATE: Increased laser range/decreased frequency of shots. (This makes the game a lot more difficult.) Also added mouse support to some parts of the game menus that didn't.

Your goal is to abduct everyone and everything: 9 houses, 6 silos, and 10 cows to demonstrate your superiority over all.

Use WASD to navigate your craft around the map. Use the arrow keys to adjust the camera/rotation.

Use the spacebar to activate your beam (to abduct) once you have something positioned underneath it

Known problems:
Some older graphics cards or ATI graphics cards may not display correctly or work at all.

There is a large lag spike towards the beginning of actual gameplay; just give it a moment and the framerate will return to normal.


Thanks for trying out Dr. F. R. Eak's Abduction!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Aug 27, 2013
AuthorJonathan Fischer
Tagsld48, ludum-dare-27
LinksLudum Dare


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